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Gestalt Psychotherapy is a form of talking therapy that was developed by Fritz and Laura Perls between the 1940's and 1960's. It has continued to evolve and change over the decades. Contemporary Gestalt therapy prizes the value of the therapeutic relationship that is supportive so that difficulties and stuck patterns can be safely focused on in the present.

Gestalt is a fully holistic approach taking account of the whole person. Past situations are understood through the way they influence our present feelings and relationships. Past traumatic memories may need to be worked through, but this is always done at your own pace and when you feel safe enough to use your own resources and the support provided by therapy. Establishing a sense of safety in therapy is always the first priority.

Gestalt therapy involves an exploration of your thoughts and beliefs, your feelings, your physical responses and your behaviour. It is a creative endeavour and an interactive process where I will be an active partner in our dialogue following where you need to go and trusting in the process. If it seems appropriate and useful I will offer my own feelings, thoughts, and reactions as they emerge in the service of our work together.

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